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Posted on March 1, 2019 in IMG Player News.

Yesterday Extra Inning Softball announced the timeline for the unveiling of the 2023 Extra Elite 100 and as we get ready to announce who makes the list, we’ll spotlight many candidates who come highly recommended!

One of those comes from the Hoosier State and is already getting significant interest.

Scott Bay’s Indiana Magic Gold 14U team has several top 2022 and 2023 players including Char Lorenz, an infielder/centerfielder who he describes as being “an absolute speed demon on the base. She starts at third base and makes bunting impossible for the other team.”

Char led the Magic in several offensive categories last fall as she hit .510 with six home runs and six triples, 46 runs scored and 16 stolen bases.

She’s also been clocked with a 65 mph overhand throw and Coach Bay says, “College coaches almost always say, ‘I really like No. 42!’

A leadoff batter who is a multi-sport athlete and has good grades, her coach adds, “I know everyone says this about their players, but this kid is really special. She is the fastest and most athletic female I have ever coached.”

Here’s an interview with this outstanding talent that some college scouts think could be a Top 10 player in her class…


You were still early in your 7th grade year when the commitment rule change went into effect. Knowing you were about one year away from getting offers, what has changed knowing now you suddenly had four years to wait?

Being uncommitted isn’t as bad as many may think that it would be. If anything, it really does make me want to work harder.

With the new rule in place, I can’t get offers but it doesn’t change my work ethic. It has made me work harder so that when the time does come, I will be more ready than I would have been in the 8th grade.

It also gives me more time to figure out what I want to do from an educational perspective. I definitely do not think it is something to be discouraged about. It gives you a little fire inside to make you work even harder than you had been before.

Not a sight opposing catchers want to see: Char contemplating stealing a base!

What do you do to stay at the top of your game?

I think that a big advantage for me has been to not just focus on softball; other sports have helped me in ways that I didn’t think they would. As a multisport athlete (softball, basketball, soccer, and volleyball) I have picked things up from other sports to put into my game now.

With basketball, it’s a continuous stop-and-go type of game, but it is also a great hand-eye coordination type of game. You have to have quick reflexes, and great agility in basketball, which goes hand in hand with playing any position in softball.

All of the sports have definitely given me pointers that are transferable to the other sports. I really think playing multi-sports is definitely an advantage for me and keeps the game fresh. The most difficult part of playing multiple sports is the fact that I can’t put softball on a shelf because another sport is in season. I continue to work on throwing, ground balls, and hitting on weekends and after my basketball practices. It is very tiring, but I feel it’s worth the investment.”

Considering you play multiple sports, what makes softball your favorite?

Softball just gives me that extra adrenaline rush that no other sport gives me. Obviously, I love playing other sports as well, but none of them have ever made me want to work as hard as softball has.

I could have the best round of my life in the cages yet still want to continue. Any bit of extra effort somebody gives hypes me up for the rest of the day. You could have the worst and best game of your life all in one day.

The sport gives me so many rides of emotions, and all of them make me better in real life too. Softball has made me know when to restrain myself from getting angry. I have bonded with the people I play softball with so much more than I would’ve ever imagined. Softball has taught me so many life skills and has made me a better person all around. I am so grateful for everything the sport has done for me.

What do you think is the hardest part about softball?

In my opinion, it is definitely the mental side of it. Not just talking about having to think ahead in the game, knowing what you’ll do with the ball when it’s hit to you (pop fly versus ground ball versus bobble ball versus ball I have to charge) but the failure aspect.

Failure will happen in this game, and the hardest part is accepting it. The best of the best fail at the plate more often than not. The easiest thing to do is to get mad and focus on that one at-bat that you might’ve struck out on. Now because you’ve focused on the at-bat, you just made another mistake. Strikeouts will happen, errors will happen, but the hardest thing is to accept that it will happen and to make the next play or get the next at-bat.

Not only does focusing on all of your mistakes mess your game up, but it can also rub off on your teammates. I believe that having supportive teammates is also a great advantage. I am lucky to have my friends and teammates all in one. They not only make the game fun, they reassure me, even if I feel I’m at my worst, that I’m still capable of doing my best. They make practices and games every bit more fun but know when it’s time to get serious which is even better.

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